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Heat Wave !~

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Happy Heat !


As you know, So Cal is preparing for the big heat wave today. I myself experienced a sunburn/heat stroke/asthma attack. Ok, I might be over-exaggerating, but I swear to GOD I was dying. My friend and I decided to go on a hike last minute (Much to my dismay, I had zero sunscreen on me except for what I had applied on my face) and ended up hiking the Oak Park Mountains for FIVE HOURS. Burned on my arms and shoulders, though his were worse, I really should have prepared better ! And so should you.


Of course, the sun will be blaring down on us today and tomorrow (I’m heading to Reedley to see my grandparents– 104 degree weather, here I come), so PLEASE remember to keep applying !! You will thank yrself later!!!




Thank Goodness!

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It’s finally cooled down a bit. Chilly nights and modest days. Even through the clouds and fog, don’t forget your sunscreen !


And, remember, don’t blast the heater in the morning (if you can help it). #1 culprit for drying out your skin. 


Recently, I have had to battle with birth-control induced acne. If you have this problem, it IS your choice to continue taking it, or not. I have decided to cease this– Cystic acne is impossible to deal with on a topical level, and I wasn’t about ready to start taking Acutane or some other really strong product just to make these cysts go away. Sometimes, less is more.



Full Force Ahead

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Hi All!


We are in the middle of an intense heat wave right now (Especially you East Coasters WITH the humidity!)
So do not forget to keep yourself cool! Sweating is good, it is flushing out everything that is bad, while also regulating your body temperature. Just remember to cleanse it all off when you can, and your skin will glow in that bright sun.


As always, wear your SPF. Let’s hope August cools down a little bit !

It’s gonna be May

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So it’s already May. I thought this was too funny to not post, especially since the other version of this meme is going around and this one is clearly superior.

Can you guys believe that it’s already almost summertime? And with all this heat (I mean, it did reach 90 degrees…) PLUS the fire in Camarillo, you’d better believe you gotta be taking precautions with your skin. Always better to avoid the wrinkles rather than trying to fix or cover them…. Anyway! I’m taking any questions as of right now so please feel free to anon if you wish and DM or even just comment on this post!


Have a gr8 day, it’s gonna be pretty temperate according to the weatherman…!


What is Retinol?

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Retinol before. Or, perhaps not “Retinol” but “Retin-A”. But do you really know what it is?

Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative. Vitamin A is one of the chief leaders in chemical exfoliants. Retin-A is a play on words, combining “Retinol” and “Vitamin-A”. 

In terms of “Anti-aging” products, Vitamin A is an important component of any serum, masque, etc, as it more harshly exfoliates that top layer of skin off, without the aid of a “mechanical” exfoliant, which can sometimes damage delicate mature skin.

Retinol is also often prescribed to acne patients via dermatologist. The chemical aspect of Retinol doesn’t aggravate the lesions of the acne, but removes the top layers of skin, making it easier to release oil and debris from the skin that often gets trapped. 

Any Vitamin A product should be approached with caution. If tingling, stinging, or uncomfortable sensations occur on the skin, the product should be removed immediately with water and a gentle cleanser. Retinol can be incredibly beneficial, but it can also be a tough transition in terms of daily routine.

Clients using Retin-A or Retinol must avoid direct sunlight as often as possible, and apply sunscreen much more often than us not taking Retinol (Although we should be applying too). Retinol clients cannot receive exfoliation during a facial, and most certainly cannot get a Glycolic Peel or Microdermabrasion. Most estheticians will advise against the usage of straight Retinol, as it’s aggressiveness can sometimes have adverse effects if these precautions aren’t taken.



Happy March!

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Good day everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying this sunshine, and I hope you’re all using your sunblock! 

If you find your sunblock is leading you to clogged pores and even breakouts, I urge you to either switch your sunblock, (Dermalogica has an extensive line called “Daylight Defense” that features a multitude of different sunblocks ranging to what your skin needs; sensitive->oily) OR be exfoliating. Of course, I am going to recommend a precleanse-cleanser-daily microfoliant regiment, as that will guarantee the removal of all traces of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. For those who either cannot afford to invest in all three products, a good cleanser and an exfoliant (2-3 times a week) can do the trick as well.


And of course, don’t forget to moisturize! Forgetting to moisturize is basically telling your skin to make more oil to moisturize itself which means… Possible breakouts! And we all want to avoid that, now don’t we? (;


Feel free to DM!


Good day fellow webgazers~

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Anise here, yet again.

I suppose you could say that the sun amidst this surprisingly cold weather is a blessing. Don’t forget to use your SPF! 

SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, is probably not what you think it is. I’m guessing you all think an SPF50 is stronger than an SPF15. Wrong. It has more stamina, per se, but it does not protect you any more than a sunscreen with a lower number.

Basically, if you have a tendency to burn in 10 minutes (For you fair-skinned Irish-Euro-Descendants-Inhabitants) if you were to put on an SPF15 sunscreen, this would prevent you from burning for 10×15=150 minutes. If you were to put on an SPF50 sunscreen, you wouldn’t burn for 10×50=500 minutes. See what I’m saying?

So let me guess. You probably thought that if you bought an SPF100, it would be like standing in the shade. And now you’re worrying! Wrinkles! But, not to fear. Just make sure you’re always re-applying, and your skin will thank you.


Any questions? Send us a DM!