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Infomercials– Commercial Information

Posted in blog with tags , , , , , , , , on September 7, 2013 by kaysarazin

Good day all !

Infomercials. You can’t ever seem to get away from them. The awful “acting”, the overly enthused salesman, the products that appear to be able to make your life easier, but no one has them. Why is this?

Well, I have always been aware of these corporations extending their truths, but here is an example of false information. On national TV, (we are not naming names), it was stated that using any shampoo that “lathers” damages the hair. Clearly, this company was advertising a non-sulfate-non-lather shampoo. This “non-sulfate” trend has become hip as of recent, as many of the California-Vegan-Au-Naturale-Pop-Culture-Beatniks have protested the use of “chemicals” in their hair.

For years, the combination of Sulfate and Chloride together create a thick lather. Products such as JF Lazartigue states that they have never used Sodium Chloride as an ingredient, as this also fades color and breaks the bonds of keratin treatments. The use of Sulfate and Chloride also raises the pH of hair, to a generally “unhealthy” level. Conclusion: Don’t use products that combine Sulfates and Chlorides. A shampoo that aims to give the appearance of cleanliness through additional lather is clearly a ploy to socialize us, the consumers, to continue to purchase that product for that “squeaky-clean” feeling.

So, the company had an inkling of truth in their statement: Yes, a lather could be damaging to your hair, in terms of raising a pH level and/or drying out the follicle, however, not all lathering products contain Sulfate and Chloride. The statement was an overgeneralization, but we cannot point fingers.

Hair dressers should be aware of the information that is passed in media. The health craze of this generation is catering to our over-consumeristic tendencies, giving us something more to be frightened of. Although there may be truth in the center, we must take everything with a grain of salt.