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Full Force Ahead

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Hi All!


We are in the middle of an intense heat wave right now (Especially you East Coasters WITH the humidity!)
So do not forget to keep yourself cool! Sweating is good, it is flushing out everything that is bad, while also regulating your body temperature. Just remember to cleanse it all off when you can, and your skin will glow in that bright sun.


As always, wear your SPF. Let’s hope August cools down a little bit !


My Skin Care: Dermalogica

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Of course everyone differs, so I’ll do a few different ones for each skin type! 


Normal/Combination Skin:


-Special Cleansing Gel

-Daily Microfoliant

-Multi-Active Toner

-Active Moist

-Skin Hydrating Booster


Dry Skin:

-Ultracalming Cleanser

-Daily Microfoliant (Or Thermafoliant 2-3xweek)

-Multi-Active Toner (Or Ultracalming Mist)

-Skin Smoothing Cream

-Skin Hydrating Booster


Oily Skin:

-Clearing Skin Wash (Or Special Cleansing Gel w/ Dermal Clay Cleanser 2-3xweek)

-Daily Microfoliant

-Multi-Active Toner

-Active Moist (Oil Control Lotion During Day)

-Skin Hydrating Booster


Aging Skin:

-Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

-Thermafoliant (2-3xweek)

-Antioxidant Hydramist

-Dynamic Skin Recovery

-Active Moist

-Hydrating Booster

These are all the bare minimum, I think, for each person. It’s incredibly important to exfoliate!!

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding the product or the regimen!