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Good day fellow webgazers~

Posted in blog with tags , , , on February 9, 2013 by kaysarazin

Anise here, yet again.

I suppose you could say that the sun amidst this surprisingly cold weather is a blessing. Don’t forget to use your SPF! 

SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, is probably not what you think it is. I’m guessing you all think an SPF50 is stronger than an SPF15. Wrong. It has more stamina, per se, but it does not protect you any more than a sunscreen with a lower number.

Basically, if you have a tendency to burn in 10 minutes (For you fair-skinned Irish-Euro-Descendants-Inhabitants) if you were to put on an SPF15 sunscreen, this would prevent you from burning for 10×15=150 minutes. If you were to put on an SPF50 sunscreen, you wouldn’t burn for 10×50=500 minutes. See what I’m saying?

So let me guess. You probably thought that if you bought an SPF100, it would be like standing in the shade. And now you’re worrying! Wrinkles! But, not to fear. Just make sure you’re always re-applying, and your skin will thank you.


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