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Hey All-

We also have a Tumblr! It is! It will run pretty parallel to what we post here, but we will also be reblogging other fashion and beauty blogs so keep updated! (:


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Skin Tips for the cold~

Posted in blog with tags , , , , , on January 5, 2013 by kaysarazin

Hi all! Anise Lew here, Skin Care Therapist at SARAZIN salon.

With the temperature drop (A few months late, in my opinion), I’m sure everyone’s skin is feeling pretty dry. Here are some tips to keep your skin looking glowy in these colder months! (:

  • Drink water. Stay hydrated! If you’re itching for a hot drink, reach for the herbal tea instead of the coffee! Coffee has caffeine, which aids in removing water from your body. Have a nice calm cup of chamomile instead.
  • Don’t blast the car heater in your face! This is the number one culprit of dehydration in the winter months. If you must put on the heater full blast, direct it away from your face! Your skin will thank you!
  • Cover your face. Scarves, sunscreen, the works. Even if it’s a cloudy day, those UV rays will still get you in the end! Especially for those of you in the snow, the reflective property of the ice will hit you twice as hard, so make sure you’re well covered or you’ll be fighting a nasty sunburn!

Enjoy this shift in weather while you can folks, the summer heat will be creepin’ it’s way back in no time…